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Create a Scholarship Fund

We can help you establish a scholarship fund to honor a loved one, create a legacy, meet your charitable goals, give back to your community, and/or give students the opportunity to pursue their educational goals.  At Hope of Harvest, we will partner with you to create a scholarship that is uniquely your own.  Once the scholarship is established, we will administer the fund according to the criteria you define.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

To begin the process of establishing a scholarship, simply complete the form to the left and someone will be in touch with you.

What Does Hope of Harvest do?

We work with you to define the selection criteria that is most meaningful to you.

We publicize your scholarship and find the right applicants.

We provide notification to award recipients.

We submit the scholarship funds to the recipient’s educational institution.

What Criteria Can I Define?

We will work with you to define criteria that is meaningful to you.  Criteria can be based on things such as school selection, field of study, geographic area, GPA, and/or demographic data.  Criteria must be non-discriminatory.

Are Funds Paid Directly to the Student?

No.  All funds are paid directly to the Educational Institution.

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